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Young Voices of New York : History and love told in letters


Radio and TV Reviews

“What an incredible book!”

– Dr. Rus Jeffrey, UCB, Ontario, Canada



“Love pours through these letters.”

-Ryan Warner, host, Colorado Public Radio, Colorado Matters, Denver


“A gift to us as readers.”

-Dan Ramey, WBEX-AM, Columbus, Ohio


“Historical, as well as appealing.”

“If you have a child that you want to explain more about what happens in a war, this is a wonderful way to do it.”

-Jean Dean, Tri-State Viewpoint Host, WRVC-AM

“A very delightful book!”

-Bobbie Nelson, Tri-State Viewpoint Host, WRVC-AM


“Great looking book!”

-Don Hansen, KMAland, Omaha


“It’s so poignant.”

“It’s a very emotional book.”

-Suzy Peters, WEOL-AM, Cleveland


“This is a precious book!”

-Ben Ball, WTKF-AM, North Carolina


“An amazing story…it’s just a feel-good!”

-Lisa Smith & Nancy Reid, Big Blend Radio


TV8 Summit Television Interview

“Definitely, you want to pick this up!”

“When you start flipping through it, you really get an emotional connection between this little girl and her dad.”

-TV8 Summit Television